What's PCR(Post-consumer resin)?

August 21, 2023

Post-consumer recycled content, often referred to as PCR, is material that is made from the items that consumers recycle every day like aluminum, cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic bottles.

What's PCR(Post-consumer resin)?

Post-consumer resin (PCR) is an environmentally-friendly material using to support the recycled programs to reduce the environmental pollution.

PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics. These materials are recycled into some plastic makeup component and package through community recycling programs. it is much popular to use package with PCR-the environmentally-friendly.

The PCR could not be fully made of one plastic container because it is more brittle and no much clear than new materail.Normally, only 30-50% PCR could be added into one container/component. it will be different by various technology and model. 

To learn more about PCR use and availability, pls check with us to discuss cost-effective options for plastic bottles and containers.We can also provide you with additional information on sustainable, responsible packaging alternatives.

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