Brow Styling Wax

Brow Styling Wax

  • highlight iconUniversal clear wax formula for all skin tones and brow colors
  • highlight icon long-lasting, extreme hold and lock brows in place
  • highlight icon Instantly gives the look of lifted, feathered brows
  • highlight icon Easy-to-apply and mess-free application (no water needed)
  • highlight icon easy to tame unruly and coarse brow hair
  • highlight icon Sets in place without a stiff feel, residue or flaking

Kermes Brow Freeze Styling Wax – the ultimate solution for achieving sleek, sculpted, and feathered eyebrows that stay in place all day. Elevate your brow game with this clear, lightweight wax designed to shape and set your brows for a polished and on-trend look.

Key Features:

Strong Hold Formula:The Brow Freeze Styling Wax features a strong-hold formula that tames unruly brow hairs, providing a secure and long-lasting hold. Keep your eyebrows in place throughout the day without stiffness or flaking.

Clear and Lightweight:The clear and lightweight formula ensures that the wax seamlessly blends with your natural brow color. No residue or unwanted color is left behind, allowing your brows to shine through naturally.

Sculpt and Shape:the Brow Freeze Styling Wax to sculpt and shape your eyebrows with precision. Whether you prefer a sleek and defined look or a feathered and brushed-up style, this wax allows you to achieve the desired shape effortlessly.

Easy Application:The convenient and mess-free application makes it easy to achieve professional-looking brows. Use a spoolie brush or an angled brow brush to apply the wax, ensuring each hair is coated for a polished finish.

Versatile Styling:Experiment with various brow styles – from the popular laminated brow trend to a more natural brushed-up look. The Brow Freeze Styling Wax adapts to your preferred brow style, giving you the flexibility to switch up your look.

Brow Styling Wax

Brow Styling Wax

How to Use:

  1. Prepare Your Brows:Start with clean and dry eyebrows. If needed, groom your brows by tweezing or trimming any stray hairs.

  2. Apply the Wax:Using a spoolie brush or an angled brow brush, pick up a small amount of the Brow Freeze Styling Wax. Apply the wax in the direction of hair growth, shaping your brows as desired.

  3. Style Your Brows: Sculpt and style your eyebrows into your preferred shape. For a laminated effect, brush the hairs upward and outward. For a sleek look, shape your brows with precision.

  4. Set and Dry:Allow the wax to set and dry, ensuring your brows stay in place. The clear formula dries transparently, leaving your brows looking naturally groomed.

Elevate your brow styling with Kermes Brow Freeze Styling Wax – the key to achieving perfectly sculpted and on-trend eyebrows with a strong-hold formula.

Step into a world of effortless beauty – Kermes invites you to experience the transformative power of the Brow Freeze Styling Wax, where every stroke is a step toward naturally flawless and well-groomed brows.

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